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Esce il 10 luglio 2014

CIANI'S - MUSIC (Marumba Records)

il collettivo Ciani's dal 2004 sulla scena italiana

presenta in occasione del suo compleanno (10 anni) questo nuovo album Ciani's - Music

I Ciani's ti aspettano al MAIN STAGE presso il BABABOOM FESTIVAL 2014 a Marina Palmense giovedì 10 luglio

per un live ricco di ospiti a sopresa e per festeggiare i 10 anni di attività.

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UK TOUR 2014




NEW SINGLE 2014 / YOU ROCK (M.Mariani - S.Harris)

YOU ROCK (M. Mariani - S. Harris)

You Rock
oh baby you rock
You rock
baby girl you rock my world

(Verse Marumba)

I remember when I saw you first time
Me an you under starry sky
You impressed me with your innocent style
Then you told me your name
You gimme a feeling i will never forget
My heart was beating mi catch cold sweat
Hold me so tight such a sweet caress
My girl you're so amazing

You Rock
oh baby you rock
You rock
baby girl you rock my world

(Verse Navigator)

Gimme di loving weh you mi ah long for
Blessing weh yu have
mi ah wait fi di answer
you know you really wanna be mi private dancer
Girl, so when you ready Mek me know
Becah mi tempted to touch
she tempt me so much
Ah she ah di only one fi Mek mi loving rise up.

Di Golden touch, mi know mi haffi trust

cause she ah di only one mi hold so dear and precious
good qualities, real personality
no care bout you creed color or nationality.
good feeling things start revealing and you
physical charms so appealing.

You got it pon lock and as a matter of fact

nobody cyan talk no crap behind your back
no inhibitions we deh a mission
in a queen an kingly position

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